IKEDA announcement (1)

IKEDA announcement

Apr 13 , 2023

IKEDA announced that the company's 4K medical endoscopy camera system has been approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Drug Administration and has recently obtained the registration certificate for medical devices in the People's Republic of China, 
Registration certificate number: Su Food and Drug Administration Machinery Production License No. 20222060603
Certificate approval date: 24 January 2022
Valid until: 23 January 2027
Application : clinical use in hospitals for endoscopic For clinical use in hospitals for endoscopic examinations or surgery, displaying video imaging of the examination and surgical area. 
Model Nums: YKD-9210, YKD-9211.

It is reported that YKD-9210 series 4K medical endoscopy camera system adopts CMOS ultra-high definition image sensor, output video image resolution 3840×2160 pixels (4K), ultra-clear picture quality, can clearly see the tiny blood vessels, nerves and other tissue levels in surgery; support BT2020 wide colour gamut display, colour rendering more realistic; video frame rate reaches 60fps, dimming quickly Accurate without trailing shadows, significantly relieving the operator's eye fatigue; with non-destructive magnification function, the picture can be magnified and observed; built-in USB image storage, one key  switch of photo/video function; 7 Inch touch screen, easy to operate, with 4K and HD output signal; IPX8 level waterproof 4K camera, 4 customized functional buttons; 32/55 inch large screen immersive experience, large screen can occupy a larger The large screen occupies a larger field of view, eliminating other distractions and providing a more immersive experience, helping doctors to improve their concentration and surgical performance; high strength 6 series aluminium with a cast aluminium base and laminate for aesthetic stability.

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