Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimally invasive procedure, bandaid surgery, or keyhole surgery, is a modern surgical technique. There are a number of advantages to the patient with laparoscopic surgery versus an exploratory laparotomy. These include reduced pain due to smaller incisions, reduced hemorrhaging, and shorter recovery time. 



Medical Monitor (24", 32", 55"),Endoscope Camera System (FHD, 4K), LED Cold Light Source, Gas CO2 Insufflator (30L, 40L), Endoscopy Pump, Electrosurgical Unit, HD Video Recorder, Trolley, Rigid Endoscope, Instruments, Accessories



Cyst, fibroid, stone, and polyp removals. Small tumor removals.
Biopsies. Tubal ligation and reversal. Ectopic pregnancy removal.
Endometriosis surgery. Urethral and vaginal reconstruction surgery.
Orchiopexy (testicle correction surgery). Rectopexy (rectal prolapse repair). Hernia repair surgery. Esophageal anti-reflux surgery (fundoplication). Gastric bypass surgery. Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) for gallstones ...............


Laparoscope is a medical instrument with a tiny camera. It is used to look at tissues and organs inside the abdomen. For different surgical sites and types, such as upper abdomen, lower abdomen, adult, children, animals, etc, we can provide different laparoscope. Our laparoscope includes 10mm and 5mm, 0 degree and 30 degree. 

Laparoscopic Instruments

Laparoscopic instruments are an integral part of laparoscopic surgery. There are many laparoscopic instruments, including forceps, scissors, veress needle, trocars, needle holder, etc. We can provide a complete set of laparoscopic instruments, suitable for gynecology, urology, general laparoscopic surgery, etc. Our laparoscopic instruments can be used for both human and animal. Specifications can be customized.

8155 medical Display

IKEDA 8155 Ultra HD (4K) endoscopic and surgical monitor can restore medical image truly and accurately. With high brightness, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle the image display performance can be ensured during the surgery process, thus can provide liable support for surgeons.


For Laparoscopy, 9211 camera provides clear images and true colors. The procedure is even more effective when combined with IKEDA medical displays and cold light sources.


Highly effective light source for rigid endoscopy. Powerful Illumination of operational field produced by the unit adapts most surgical scenes. Spectrum of emitted light is similar to the daylight. Small part of infrared component allows avoiding tissue burns and optical system overheating.

2100 Trolley

IKEDA 2100 Medical Cart is intended for placing endoscopic equipment on its 3 adjustable shelves. (Could be More)

Electronic surgical Unit

High-frequency electronic surgical unit is one of the equipment of laparoscopic surgery, and it has a history of more than 90 years. The current high-frequency electronic surgical unit has been improved many times, and the safety and reliability of the equipment itself have been greatly improved, and the doctor's operation process has also been simplified. This high-frequency electrosurgical unit provided by Shiyin Medical is mainly used for cutting and hemostasis during laparoscopic surgery. It stops bleeding quickly. It can prevent bacterial infections and is beneficial to patients' healing after surgery.

Endoscopy Pump

The endoscopy pump is one of the important equipment in laparoscopic surgery, mainly used for cleaning of laparoscopic surgery, sucking out waste liquid and tissue debris. The flushing pump independently developed and produced by IKEDA has simple operation, complete accessories, and is safe and reliable.

YKD-VAC Smoke Evacuator

During laparoscopic surgery, due to the high-frequency electric unit cutting, smoke is sometimes generated, which affects the surgeon vision and the progress of the operation. In addition, medical staff are exposed to harmful smoke for a long time, and their health is also a potential threat. IKEDA has developed and produced the intelligent smoke evacuator system for this purpose, which effectively solved the problem.